Skoda EPC warning light: How to fix this problem?

EPC warning light
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The Skoda EPC warning light warns of a malfunction in the engine electronics in gasoline cars. If there is a problem with the throttle body, cruise control, traction control, or other engine management functions, the EPC warning light will probably appear on your car's dashboard.

You probably noticed this and other illuminated dashboard symbols upon starting your Skoda. No worries, this is fine. The problem is if the EPC light stays on even after starting or comes on while driving.

What does the EPC light mean in Skoda?

As mentioned, EPC (Electronic Power Control) in Skoda is related to the throttle system and other engine management functions. The illuminated EPC warning light most often troubles the Skoda Octavia or Fabia, but the other gasoline models of the Skoda brand are far from being an exception.

The throttle valve is electronically connected to the gas pedal and regulates the intake mixture and the air supply to the engine, affecting the performance.

Depending on the problem, a noticeable reduction in performance may occur when the EPC light is on. This happens, for example, in cars equipped with an automatic transmission, when the electronic control unit registers a serious problem with the drivetrain.

However, cars with a manual transmission are no exception. This mode, called limp-in or limp-home, is helpful to get you to a repair shop or home without damaging your engine.

Possible causes of an illuminated EPC warning light on a Skoda

The EPC light most often lights up on the dashboard of your Skoda if:

  • throttle body malfunction

  • traction system or cruise control malfunction

  • brake switch or engine electronics failure

  • failure of the accelerator pedal and its electronic control

  • blown brake light fuse

  • malfunction of the mass flow sensor

  • blown light bulb

  • impurities in the fuel

  • low battery

Can I drive with my Skoda when the EPC light is on?

EPC warning light
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In short, yes - you can continue driving, but in any case, this warning light should not be underestimated. The best thing to do is to take your Skoda to a repair shop as soon as possible.

If it is a malfunction of the throttle valve, you may feel RPM fluctuations or even engine shutdown while driving. In addition, you may have trouble starting your car. The best solution is to go to the service center immediately.

Skoda EPC warning light: How to solve this problem?

The solution to the problem related to the illuminated EPC light depends on the cause, but let's summarize the possible fixes:

  • cleaning or replacing the throttle

  • not using cheap fuel from dubious gas stations (especially if impurities in the fuel caused the problem)

  • replacing one of the faulty sensors, such as the mass flow sensor, the engine speed sensor, and others

  • replacing a brake light switch, a blown fuse, or a broken light bulb

  • recharging or replacing a battery

If there is a malfunction in the electronics and you suspect one of the sensors is to blame, we recommend you check the car through diagnostics before replacing any component.

How to extend the life of the throttle body on a Skoda?

Throttle body

An effective way to extend the life of the throttle body on the Škoda, which may be related to these faults, is its regular maintenance. This part can become clogged with dirt, so regular cleaning of the throttle valve will help.

However, if cleaning does not help, replacing the throttle body is necessary. A new throttle body will not cause problems, and you have one less thing to worry about when maintaining your car.

The car does not start, and the EPC light is constantly on

In this case, you should try the following solution - remove the key, lock the vehicle, unlock it, and try to start it.

Skoda EPC reset indicator light

In addition to the mentioned problems, a situation may arise when the EPC light in your Skoda lights up randomly. In this case, just reset the indicator light. They will do it at any car repair shop.

However, before resetting the EPC warning light, it is necessary to know whether it is a random error or one of the abovementioned problems.

Check out the video explaining the EPC light: