Blue Engine Coolant Light: What does it mean? 🥶

Blue engine coolant warning light
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The blue engine coolant light informs the driver about the low coolant temperature. In this case, the engine should not be revved to high speeds while this light is on because it is not warmed to its optimal operating temperature.

Once the engine coolant temperature reaches the value specified by the manufacturer, the blue coolant warning light should go out. However, you should know that there are two engine coolant warning lights. Both of these have identical shapes - the only difference is in color.

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If the red engine coolant light appears on the dashboard, the car must be stopped immediately and turned off due to the risk of engine overheating.

What does the Blue Engine Coolant Light look like?

Blue engine coolant warning light

Its shape may vary slightly depending on the model and specific car brand. Some cars are not equipped with this indicator and only display the engine coolant temperature indicator without a light effect. In this case, the driver should keep track of the ideal temperature on the pointer or digital display and, after starting, drive gently until this temperature is reached.

In rare cases, the driver must get the temperature of the coolant through dashboard controls, as this indicator may not be included on the basic dashboard.

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Can I drive with the Blue Engine Coolant Light on?

Yes, but it is good not to rev the engine too much, i.e., not to drive with the accelerator pedal on the floor. If the situation calls for it, the occasional swift drive with sub-optimal coolant temperature should not cause serious problems.

However, regular and careless driving with the blue engine coolant light on will sooner or later take its toll, and the repair costs can be high.

Can the Blue Engine Coolant Light come on when the coolant level is low?

No, the blue engine coolant light indicates only one thing: low coolant temperature. A similar-looking red light warns you of a low coolant level.


The blue engine coolant light has only an informative function, as it does not indicate an error but only a low temperature of the liquid in the cooling system while the engine is cold. However, when the color of this warning light is red, you must swiftly pull over and turn off the engine.

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