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AUTORIDE | All about cars

A quiz about cars - Are you a real petrolhead?

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This short quiz will be about general knowledge that even a rookie petrolhead should know. So get ready and try to get the best score possible. Don't forget to show off your result in the comments down below.

Feel free to challenge your friends and share the link to this quiz to see how they succeed.. or fail?

QuizA quiz about cars - Are you a real petrolhead?
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1.  Where is the lambda probe located?

2.  Which abbreviation is used for cars using compressed natural gas as their fuel?

3.  What is the function of the alternator device?

4.  What is not so good for your car's battery?

5.  An engine with cylinders lying flat 180-degrees apart is called:

6.  A car running on which type of fuel must not park in an underground garage?

7.  Which of these car models used a Wankel (rotary) engine?

8.  Which of these engines has two cylinders?

9.  What is VANOS?

10.  Which automaker doesn't label its diesel engines as HDi?